Extra syncs. Every time I open the project.

I save locally. I work alone. I use the sync function so edits I do with ProWriting aid get synced back to scrivener without allowing ProWriting aid to write directly to the Scrivener files.

Every time I open scrivener for the last month or two, it has synced and “updated” a folder. The updated folder contains 4 documents that haven’t been changed in at least a few weeks. It appears that just the folder the 4 files are in gets synced. It hasn’t been touched in over a year. It is not something I edit, neither are the documents within.

What can I do to help you fix this bug?

Are you positive that it is a bug with Scrivener and not with Dropbox, the permissions on the Dropbox folder, or just that project?

With Scrivener closed, move the project out of the Dropbox folder onto your local hard drive and make sure Dropbox syncs the removal everywhere.

Open the project from its local location, deal with conflict warnings (if any), and save it. Close it and open it again to validate that the project is now fully up-to-date.

Now, move it back into your Dropbox folder and open it back up from within Scrivener.

What sync function? Do you mean ’Sync with external folder’?

Oh, good catch, I missed that.

Are you sure that the documents really haven’t changed? On either side? For instance, if Pro Writing Aid automatically reviews the documents in that folder, and sets a flag to tell itself that it did so, Scrivener would probably see that flag as a “change” requiring a new sync.


Can’t be dropbox. I don’t use it for scrivener. Remember. 1 computer only. Only use sync to allow prowriting aid to work on a copy instead of the original. I use prowriting aid once a month to review articles before publishing.

Yes. sync with local folder.

Here’s what I do. Write articles during month. toward early mid-month choose a few to publish. Move others to future or next month. Work on those articles. - All alone on my computer. No other computer. Nothing else. When I imagine they are ready, I produce a text copy with keywords, synopsis, etc. Then, one day a month open prowriting aid, it pretty much always has an update, then check the 4 articles I wrote and make some changes. I check as single rtf files, not allowing it into the scrivener files. When I come back and re-open scrivener, it has syncing to do, but every day, all month long, it syncs that single folder.

Other than My single scrivener program, nothing should be touching those files except backup programs both local and cloud, but they just copy. However, each day that I open that project, the same OLD folder with 4 old articles appears. That folder simply listed how to handle bounced emails. It is in the research area, not even in the active area.

Huh. If you disable and then re-enable the external folder sync, does that clear the error?


’Sync → With external folder’ only sync the Draft portion of the binder, not the stuff under Research.

Steveshank - I had the same problem several upgrades ago. Very frustrating. In my case It turned that the files being re-synced (there were about three out of thirty) had probably been corrupted during the upgrade from 1.9 to v3 . What I did to fix it was to create a new document. Copy and pasted the contents from the old document into the new document. Then moved the old document into the Trash, and then cleared the Trash. In your case you’d need to create a new folder and four new documents.

As you’re seeking to assist the team to locate the source of the bug I’d suggest you do a backup of the complete sync folder, plus backup the project first. Unfortunately I didn’t do this so I didn’t keep any evidence of the corruption, but if my solution works then you could send the corrupted files to the team.

It was a weird bug, and because I don’t know for sure what caused the corruption I still cringe whenever Scrivener tells me there’s a file to resync. So far its only resynching files I have changed though. I still love being able to directly edit the RTF files on my android tablet but look forward to an android version of Scrivener.


I probably should have done what Andrew Harvey suggested, but I’m lazy. Using Lunk and Katherine’s advice, I turned off sync and restarted. Then re-enabled syncing only draft and restarted, Since there is no need to sync anything really, except a few articles to be published this month. This worked. Not sure whether cache or not syncing those files at all.