Extracting the .rtf files from Scrivener

I no longer have access to Scrivener (and as a part of Camp NaNoWriMo, I want to post my completed book before the 31st). I won’t be able to afford Scrivener until next month.

What can I do to get the .rtf files out of my Scriv file? I’ve not figured out how to do this on Windows 10, even with 7zip. Nothing seems to work.

You don’t need to decompress anything, Scrivener’s file format is folder based. Look for a folder where you saved your project with “.scriv” as a suffix on the folder name (that gets treated magically on other operating systems, but is a useful way of locating projects on Windows). If you drill into the Files\Docs subfolder, you’ll find all your index cards (as txt) and written material (as rtf), as well as any document notes that were made.

It’ll require a little piecing together with the serial numbers, but that “search.indexes” file one folder level up can help with that.

By the way, as Camp NaNo is still going on, you can make use of our NaNo demo version, which doesn’t run off of the normal timer, expiring on August 7 instead. So you’d still have a week or so to open your project, compile it the way you want, and make use of that File ▸ Export ▸ Files… command to get all of this material out in a fashion that will be a little more user-friendly than digging through numbered files.