Extreme high RAM-Usage (1,5 - 1,8 GB) in 1.9. and 3.14 (project-file only containing 54,4 MB)

Hello everybody,

I’m a happy Scrivener-User for a longer time.

Right now though I have to ask this:
How does it come that Scrivener is using so much RAM for a project with only 54,4 MB content?
On one machine I only have 8 GB RAM, so that partly Scrivener hang and crashed then repeatedly.
Tried this with Version 1.9 and Version 3.14 - problem seems to stay the same.

Would be great if someone here has an idea why this is happening…

One machine: Win 7, other machine: Win 10.

Maybe there could a connection with the case, that inside the project also lots of images exist?
If so I still would be astonished as they are not big and intentionally compressed to low sizes.

I also found this thread:

but it did not help.


I do not routinely see exceptional RAM usage, even with fairly large projects, so I would lean toward it being a more specific problem perhaps with the project. For example you state that the images are all low-impact, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there is a level of caching going on to generate the thumbnails you would see on corkboards, to avoid long loading times in active use. I guess it depends on what lots of images means, in a more numerical sense—but that would be one situation where the size of the images means less.

And yes, making use of tools that load a lot of stuff at once, like Compile and large-scale Scrivenings would use a lot, that should go without saying, but it should be fairly temporary. Documents should be unloaded after a period of inactivity.

Thank you!

And especially for your explanation. Yeah, then probably the caching of the images caused this.
I could watch the RAM going up when opening certain folders - and also going down laters.

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