Extreme Page Margins

Hi, hello, I want to say first off Kudos for working so hard on getting the Windows release of this program so far, and I am looking forward to the full release. Most of the issues that I’ve run into have either been placed on the “known issues” list, or actually resolved by the time of this writing [Beta 1.5]. But there is still one thing that should probably be addressed ASAP.

When a new project is created, if one does not pay attention to the margin settings, printing results in a page printing that runs off of the edge of the paper (and for whatever reason, unlike every other program I have installed, this issue gets no system warnings from my printer [HP Photosmart 7960]. When I check the page setup, I have the following margins:

Left: 0.123
Right: 0.136
Top: 0.07
Bottom: 0.583

And they’re strange margins, at that.
Further, the setting that I put in at the start of each session—1" all around—don’t save from edit to edit in the project; I have to remember to set the again each time I open a project.

The problem persists if I use a compile setting and forget to double-check the margins as well; I don’t know whether the printing compile functions are supposed to use the base Page Setup settings or over-ride them with another set of formatting a la Standard Manuscript Format.