Failure to find Scrivener on Time Machine.

I am sure this is an easy one.
When I am working in Scrivener and I want to refer back to the work I had been doing yesterday or at an earlier date, I cannot find the work I had been doing on Scrivener on Time Machine.
It just takes me back to my desktop etc.
When I then go to applications - Scrivener- it just shows me the logo for Scrivener.
How do I get back to the project/folder that I had been working on in Scrivener?
I guess this is probably one of those questions, where the answer lies between the
chair I am sitting on and the keyboard :confused: :wink:
9 i am on Mac 10…7.5 and Scrivener 2.3.1
Thank you.

When you create your projects, the software asks where you would like to store it and what it will be called. I’m guessing they are just all in your Documents folder. If you click on the Finder sidebar you should see a new window with your account folders. Double-click on the Documents folder and look for any files with a rectangular Scrivener logo on them. Those will be your projects, so now that you have this window open, you can activate Time Machine on it and scroll back through the days to resurrect older projects. I’d recommend using the option that creates a duplicate rather than replacing.

There is one small thing to be careful of with Time Machine. It runs whether or not your project is closed, obviously. And when a project closes, there are certain final things that Scrivener does to make sure everything is all tucked away tidy. In short, it is best to use Time Machine to grab a copy you know was closed during that period of time when it was taken. Sometimes you can’t be picky, but if you can, that’s what you should try for. If you have to resurrect one that was open while scanned, you’ll get a warning message to that effect, and Scrivener will do some extra house-keeping when opening it. It should all be safe, I just wanted you to know what to expect if you see those warnings.