False Icon & false word count


The problem: binder displays “empty text file” icon for many (not all) written scenes upon opening a project. Icon doesn’t correct itself until the scene is opened. However: word count shows 0, despite the content. Word count doesn’t correct itself until a change has been made in the content.

My definition of “empty text file” icon: the auto-generated icon (in the binder) scrivener uses after clicking “add new text”

How to recreate the problem?
Create several scenes, some with content and some without (titled only). Save, back-up the project. Close project & close Scrivener. Re-open Scrivener and the project. Many icons for scenes will display the icon for “empty text file” in the binder despite scene content existing. Word count for that scene will show as 0 despite content.

Attachment info:show 3 “empty text file” icons. All three are in fact titled and contain content. The second attachment displays the false word count below the content of one of these scenes.
ss (2016-10-19 at 03.41.28).png
ss (2016-10-19 at 03.37.42).png

Please, try Tools > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes. This should fix the icons and the word counts. HTH.