Fancy formatting

I’ve been reading my way through the tutorial, and fossicking around in this by Keith

Mervyene setlist (67.1 KB)

but I’ve failed to understand how he formatted the fancy headings, and also where he hid the byline lines (I can see in the Inspector, in General Metadata “Singer” and below “Billie Holliday” for the song “I’ll Be Seeing You”, for instance, but I can’t seem to replicate it in a duplicate. How is the heading formatted, and why can’t you see it in the Scrivener version (but you can in the ebook version):

Mervyene setlist (8.81 KB)

Hi Maelduin,

I actually documented how to do all of that in my original reply to you here:

That’s a long set of instructions, but if you followed it exactly from your original project, you would end up with what I posted - I documented everything I did in those instructions.

The fancy headings were achieved by giving the documents in the binder titles (step 1 of the third batch of instructions in that post: “In the binder, give each document the name of each song…”) and then selecting using the “Bordered Title” style of the Ebook format for titles - again, this is all documented in my post.

The singer names were added using custom metadata, creating a “Singer” field into which this information was added and then using this (via the placeholder <$custom:Singer>) in the Section Layout as part of the title.

Everything you need to know is documented in step-by-step instructions in that original post. The idea was that you would be able to start with the project you posted, follow the instructions in that post, and end up with the updated project I posted. If you have any questions about the individual steps after having gone through them, please post them in the original thread.

All the best,

Sorry! I didn’t realise that. Will go back to that post and try again.

I’m completely stymied at the instructions following this:

“Under the “Settings” tab for “Song Lyrics” change “CSS Class name” to “song-lyrics” (optional).”

I’ve done this. Next we come to

“Tick “Title” for “Song Lyrics”. The title will be represented as “Section Title” at the top of the text preview below.”

I don’t know what this means. Thought I’d done it by checking the title of each of the songs, but obviously that isn’t it.

And the next instruction is also meaningless because this one is - the next is:

"Click into the “Section Title” text in the preview and choose “Bordered Title”.

I’m completely stymied by these instructions. I’ve been asking for help on the original thread, without any answers; I’ve also emailed for help, without any answer. Can someone please help?