FAQ Request

Hi, Keith & AmberV,
I have a Scrivener file that I’m 99% sure I downloaded, probably from the FAQ board a year or two ago. It must have been AmberV’s originally. The “About this file” entry identifies it thusly: “Revision 17 is a major function update and minor content update…getting the the project file setup for wiki output…” Since I’ve downloaded the file, I’ve stored images of layouts I liked, deleted and revised other items, imported the latest tutorial, copied solutions to problems that were explained in the forum, saved ideas about writing from other sites, kept my journal entries and the like (it is now renamed as “Mechanics.scriv.” More crucial is that I learned a lot just by seeing how some features, (e.g., label and status) could be used. And as an FAQ file, it worked like a dream for both finding and reviewing items in their context of use.
A quick look at the FAQ board, with the link to the wiki (with a some spam :open_mouth:) suggests that there’s still an ongoing documentation effort for Scrivener 2. I recognize the theoretical advantages of the wiki where people can contribute their problem solutions to each other (although I don’t know how successful they are for fora with nontechnical people). However, I’d like to see a downloadable FAQ Scrivener file. I can imagine that would have its own problems, too, but I can’t tell you how much it helped me to see a live, working file. Actually, if you could distribute the users’ guide as a Scrivener file, too, that would be :smiley: 8) awesomely cool!