Faster start for new page

While in the iOS version in a Project, when I click the + to create a new page, I am shown a page that asks for a Title and Synopsis. If I just click Open in the upper right I can go straight to a new page. The first line of text that I enter on this page will show as the title in the Binder. Is there any way to turn off the pop up that asks for the Title and Synopsis? I really want to just have a fast way to turn on Scrivener on iOS and enter a few lines. Personally, I find the pop up an annoyance and I think the flow for a new page needs to be streamlined. Suggestions to work around this functionality are appreciated. Thanks.

The simplest solution would be to keep a “quick notes” document for when you only have a few lines.

Alternatively, you could put your few lines in the Synopsis, directly from the file creation screen.


Thanks for the ideas. If I’m typing into the synopsis, would Scrivener save the file automatically?

I tested my own question. It will not save the record when data is only entered into the Synopsis.

Sure it will. I just tested myself.

The Synopsis is a separate field and is not visible in the Editor view. But iOS Scrivener will use the Synopsis to auto-generate a title, and the whole Synopsis is visible in Index Card view. (iPad only; iPhones aren’t big enough.)


The synopsis idea is a good one for quick notes. That’s an approach I use quite a lot since the synopsis is so easily accessible on all platforms.

There is a more efficient approach to use this panel, and that is to use the Return key to commit any changes made to the dialogue. There are two different modes of operation, that depend on which context you create a new item from:

  • From a list or corkboard: the Return key takes you back to the listing mechanism you were using, with the newly created item selected. From here you can press ⌘N again to add a new item and repeat the process. This approach is obviously of more use to outlining.
  • From the editor: ⌘N still works in this context, and when used from the editor, not only will you stay in the editor (focussed on the newly created item upon pressing Return), but if you were editing previous document, then you will be left in editing mode for the new document as well. So it is the same as manually tapping the Open button from list view.

Conclusion: ⌘N + Return is the most consistent and efficient way to create a new item and return to the context you were in before swiftly.