Fatal Crash after pausing / emptying trash[NOTED]

I know this might be addressed in the 1.3 update coming soon, but figured I should report this anyway since I just crashed.

I was typing away today and I’ve recently noticed that I seem to be getting pauses if I’m inactive and then restart typing. Checking my CPU statistics I noticed them sitting at 50% for Scrivener.exe (which equates to 1 core being maxed out, I assume) every time these pauses happen.

After a few pauses in a row (I’m at a NaNoWriMo Write-In so pausing somewhat frequently) I decided that maybe I would empty my trash folder, just in case that had anything to do with it. I emptied my trash, paused again to check my word count and then went back to my document.

Immediately upon typing, the screen went partially white, and after ~30 seconds the program itself closed down.

Machine: Alienware M11x - Windows 7 home, 4GB Ram
Scrivener verson: Oct 29 update
Scrivener stats:
2 pictures in “Research” Folder
5 subfolders and 1 text in the Draft folder.
Each subfolder (Part) has 8 more subfolders (Chapter), with 3 texts per folder (scenes) for the most part. There is also a “Title Page” text for each part. Word count was 8499 when I crashed, and I didn’t lose any words.