FCF Format questions

Hi there.
I exported a script out of Scrivener 1.5 in .fcf format but when I imported into Final Draft (latest version), it was completely unformatted. I’m not sure if I’m understanding .fcf’s purpose properly.

I did a search through the forums and I see that .fcf would be helpful for importing TO scrivener from final draft but if one wishes to export FROM scrivener to final draft, what is the best method?

Thanks very much in advance.


Make sure that in Scrivener, the elements are all being recognised by the script format (i.e. showing up as scene heading, dialogue etc in the footer view).

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Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes, the text was all marked as general text. It seems to have occurred when I selected Text > Scriptwriting > Screenplay (Final Draft). This seems a bit confusing to me. I assumed selecting this setting would make it more compatible with Final Draft.

Regardless, thanks for the help. Much appreciated. And thanks for the wonderful software.

If you had already written your script using the standard Screenplay format, then changing it to a different format would cause the elements not to be recognised. Now that FCF format is in there, you don’t really need to use the Final Draft screenwriting format. You can just use the standard Screenwriting format. So, just change back to whichever format you used to write the script and then export to FCF format.

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