Feature Request: Connection Lines / Arrows Format Options for Scapple

More control over connection line & arrow formats would be greatly appreciated e. g.

  1. labels (start, end, center) and / or ability to attach notes to connection lines
  2. dash format
  3. line with
  4. line color
  5. arrow form
  6. arrow size

Note: Scapple should stay as simple as possible (I don’t want or need another Visio). Providing more format options for lines via the same template mechanism as for notes might help giving user more control over visuals without sacrificing simplicity.

I found the ‘Connection Label’ option. UI for this feature is not very intuitive …

(Attaching notes to connection lines would be more versatile, since - depending on line length - the label text will be cut-off, cannot be formatted and might be difficult to read, since text runs along the connection line)

I registered just to make basically this same feature request. Being able to anchor the line to a note’s start or end instead of always to its middle would fix all of my problems with this otherwise amazing software. In most cases, when I have a stack of notes, I can’t clearly connect them to notes outside of the stack without having the lines go through several of the other notes in the stack. That’s the only thing keeping me from using this with clients.