Feature request: disable auto save

I know this has been requested. Just giving a boost.

If autosave could be disabled I could use the program.

Without autosave, scapple would replace three other programs I use for project notes for me.

Is there a registry entry I could change?

Please give us a small update to fix this soon…

Just curious if you could elaborate on how disabling auto save would be beneficial. Thanks!

Save is destructive, usually non-recoverable in case of document corruption, and of course accidental text deletion.
All saving functions should be at the discretion of the user

We programmers of spread sheets learn quickly to always SAVE AS to new name for a clear way to recover incorrect
changes to code. Many change/editing/tracking programs have been developed to provide this function automatically.

All the serious computer audio recordists also learned to always, and regularly, use SAVE AS with date and time added as part of the file name.

Given the current settings for scapple, without the user having regularly creating backups every few seconds, large portions and complete files (very large and important files) could be lost.

Scrivener does saving/backups correctly - almost perfect.

Scrivener provides for a user setting for auto-save, and for the user to create a backup when saving.
To make it perfect would be to be able to auto-backup at a user defined time, or a set number of changes. when a project was auto-saved.

Bandlab Cakewalk has such settings: at a time and at a set number of changes. This is the way Scapple and Scrivener should be.

I have the auto-save time set to 10 minutes. I regularly save when i have made significant changes to a project. This then also creates backups. (This is one reason i want a SAVE button to appear on the taskbar.)

Example: About two months ago i found a word doc was missing three paragraphs that i was sure i did not intend to delete. I was able to find the lost bits by reviewing one of copies i had SAVED AS.

Scapples’ default setting could lose too much for me to rely upon it for pretty much anything.

I agree. Auto-save would be best as an option with a duration. I personally would prefer an auto-backup option instead.

I was recently frustrated by the same issue and was angry when I realized that Scapple had written over my file without asking. I use it for brainstorming and wasn’t expecting it to do this - yeah you could say I should have saved a copy before changing things up, but I think it’s better of software developers protect their users from themselves. Perhaps that is what you had in mind with the auto-save? But I just wanted to let you know it also bit me in the a**.

This has been on the list for a while. The problem is that they copied the Mac design pretty closely, but an important missing ingredient in there was that on the Mac document-based autosave is (a) a global thing that all editors do, so people are used to it for one thing and (b) the file system itself stores automated snapshots of your document whenever it autosaves, and this history of snapshots can go back years, meaning each file essentially has a huge stack of “save as” copies protecting you, without the clutter and © a system-wide shut off setting that makes all document editors act “normal”, if that is what you prefer.

So without all of that massive amount of infrastructure and flexibility at the system level, the design all by itself is lacking.

I think the save/backup code can be copied from scrivener.