Feature Request: iOS archive naming same as Desktop versions

When using Win Scriv, my zipped backups are automatically generated with date-time appended in the file name, and stored in OneDrive.

When using iOS Scriv, I use the archive feature to also send the zipped backups to OneDrive, so all of my project’s backups are in one place. But then if I want some semblance of order, I must go into OneDrive and rename the iOS archives to conform to the Desktop date-time naming convention.

My request for iOS Scriv: Can we please have the same archive naming conventions available to us, as we do with the Desktop versions.

My apologies if this has already been addressed, but I didn’t see it.

Thank you for your consideration,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve wondered about that as well, as I do similar. I’ve made for myself a Hazel script (Mac thing) that looks for .zips in my typical backup upload folder, and it uses the creation date on the .zip to rename the file and then move it to my central .scriv backup folder. But it would be nice if they had a stamp on them to begin with. So I’ve added that to the list to look into.

Meanwhile, does Windows let you define display settings per folder? I’m wondering if it might be better to sort your backup folder by date instead of name. That’s how I sort that folder on my Mac, as I’m am generally more interested in which projects were backed up in the past few days, rather than looking for the project set first and then trying to figure out the most recent within that set.

Hey Amber,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, depending on what I am doing, I may sometimes sort the Windows folder by Modified Date. Usually though, I’ve only got one project going at a time, so project+date+time stamp is sufficient to quickly locate a backup.

Also, at the start of each month, I clear out the Scrivener backups folder, after archiving the backups I want to keep to another folder, so there usually aren’t a large number of zip files in there.

Having standard backup naming conventions available across the 3 Scriv platforms would certainly seem like a win.