Feature Request: More visible/accessible Word Counts

Great iOS app. On my second novel using Scrivener on iPad only.

In a perfect world . . . It would be helpful to have word counts visible/accessible in two additional places:

  1. On the project Binder panel on the left under each chapter title/status. This is helpful for seeing without clicking ‘under-written’ chapters and those that may need splitting.
  2. Within a chapter/document, for example, tapping a point in the document and somewhere (on the black ‘contextual’ menu bubble that appears or somewhere else on the page) there appears data such as: Total # words preceding cursor; Total # words following cursor; and Total # words in this doc. Perhaps it could be implemented like the very stylish ‘Targets’ bubble (though I personally don’t find it useful on a ‘Session’ basis, but rather on a Chapter basis - perhaps it could be implemented this way?) This would be helpful as a “how far have I come” and “how much further to go” feature.

Thanks for considering it.

Awesome. Well done you on the two novel front!

Have you made any adjustments to how you use it on a PC/Mac to how you use it on the iPad?

(Good idea on the word count front by the way).

I only use iOS Scrivener. I’ve written on a Mac using Pages, Docs even MacJournal, then switched over to using an iPad for writing, using these same apps. Then I found iOS Scrivener and have never looked back. I rarely use the iPad keyboard, preferring the slower pace of the on-screen keyboard to allow me to develop sentences and structure and word choices as I type. It works for me, but I’m sure many others might find it too slow.

Yes +1 for better word count visibility