Feature request? Or how to do this? Or is it a bug?: Continue list properly


I would like to be able to make a list like this where the numbering goes on, or adjusts itself depending on whether you use ENTER or TAB AND where you can select the list numbering to continue if you first have normal text for which you later decide it has to be in the list. Currently I have a use case where I made such a list (1 > a > i)
Using ENTER+TAB gave me a proper a while I was still in the list. But once I copied text from elsewhere and wanted to include that in the list, the list would go to 1. Not 2 or whatever the number at the end of the list was, it goes to 1. If I use TAB it uses a whole different numbering system.

I’m copying the text from Google Docs.

I would like to be able to make it so that I can continue the list without first having to set up the complete list with placeholder text and then copy the proper text in. That would mean I’m doing the work twice.

Thanks for the help!

Lists in Scrivener have been a problem for a long time. But they are also not intended to work exactly like a word processor. So combining the bugs with the design decisions gives you a feature that doesn’t work beyond the most simple lists. See this thread. You can also use the forum Search option to find more threads about using lists.

Hmmmm… It’s not for a book to be published. It’s just for a game design document I’m making in Scrivener… I guess I’ll just need to make the list by hand instead of using the predefined list options than…

Oh well, so be it.