Feature Request: Reading View / Mode in Scriv iOS

I would love to see a “Reading View” option for the iOS version of Scrivener similar to Obsidian’s iOS version. A quick toggle out of editing mode to a reading view would save me a lot of time spent fixing accidental touchscreen insertions while reading over material.



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Have you tried using the Draft Navigator view for this?

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Thanks for your reply.

Draft navigator is okay, but after an edit is made in editor mode, toggling back to draft navigator returns to the top of the active document. In a 2-4k-word document, this isn’t workable for me.

My current workaround is to use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with the iOS version of Scrivener to avoid the accidental insertions made using the touch screen. For me, the iOS version is a nice add-on to Scrivener for Mac and Windows.

It could be that I’ve missed something.

Obsidian does a nice job of scrolling both the reading and editing modes together, so toggling between editing and reading modes is nearly transparent. I know nothing about programing for iOS, and understand what looks simple might be difficult to implement.

Thanks again for your time!