Feature request: retain superscripts, etc. when style is applied, and better shortcuts

I found out the hard way that applying styles (YEAH for styles! :smiley: ) knocks out superscripts and subscripts (and perhaps other tedious formatting). Having styles makes Scrivener almost perfect, but I’m going to be spending a lot of time redoing (and redoing and redoing) those formatting items. Such formatting should be retained as styles are changed, as it is in word processors.

Also, for what it’s worth, I cannot get the Mac System Prefs to work for assigning shortcuts to these items. It would be nice to have a less tedious method for assigning shortcuts. Hunting around to find something that isn’t already in use or reserved by the system is not very efficient.

Hm, superscripts are preserved for me when I apply a style, are you sure you are applying a paragraph style?

In the screenshot I first applied a superscript, strong and strong-emphasis character style, then applied a block quote style and all the character styles were preserved…

What is the exact problem with applying key bindings with system prefs (it works here as well, though I now prefer to use BetterTouchTool)? If anything it should be easier to handle possible conflicts as everything is in one interface. I consider it one of the highlights of macOS how the OS itself unifies keyboard binding management without a wild west crapshoot of every app for themselves like on Windows.

Here is a screenshot showing the problem. I am applying superscripts and subscripts with toolbar buttons.

Does your ‘body no indent’ retain just the paragraph style or all formatting?

The styles have “Save all formatting”, the default, enabled.

‘Save all formatting’ wipes out superscripts and subscripts.

Does it work if you change it to ‘save paragraph style’ only?

Does for me…

That works. THANK YOU!

Happy to help.