[Feature request] Spacebar to navigate the screen

Coming from a Photoshop background, to navigate your way around a large canvas you press the spacebar which changes the cursor to a hand and then any mouse movements result in moving the canvas instead of moving the cursor.

As my mind automatically tries to default to doing this after too many years of Photoshop exposure it’d be really great if this could be implemented so I don’t go “DOH!” each time I try and do it.


All the best,


But this is already implemented. exactly as you describe…

Hmm. Really? It just makes a “dunk” sound when I try. I shall investigate when I get back to my desk.

Master Mark.
Could you please be a little more precise, it really would be most helpful. For example

would that be the sound of a doughnut dunk, a digestive, a ginger nut, a HobNob, or…? :confused:
Scappler Fluff

How very odd. You are absolutely right, Keith! I have no idea WHAT I did last time for that not to work, but if I come across it again I shall let you know. Feel free to dispose of this request by ballistic means.

Excellent stuff! :slight_smile:

I think it must have been the sound of my brain dislodging itself again. Note to self: must buy more brain plasters next time I’m at the 3 pound shop.

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