Feature request: Targets

I know and understand about the fear of cruft. BUT I do think that the wonderful feature that is “Show Project Targets” needs one further refinement.
ABSTRACT: Could we have 3 lines: words in today’s session, words in this document, words in the entire project; the second item would have to be added to the “Show Targets” display.

If I am writing a book or a longish paper, a strength of Scrivener is that I can set these encouraging graphics of the lines going from red to green as I churn out more words (and the graphic does not judge those words!)

BUT as I write I am concerned with how much I have written today, how long the section I am writing is (or how much of that section is completed), as well as how much of the total project I have accomplished.

I know about the little target icons at the bottom right of the text display, but how about putting that information into the bar graphs that are so helpful?

In other words display “[words written in] today’s session; words written in this document; words written in the entire project.” That seems eminently reasonable for the way many of your users use Scrivener, and since you already have those little targets, and the bar graph, the programming should be “a doddle” as they say in Scotland.

How about it? Thanks for considering it.