FEATURE REQUEST: when you Open Recent file, close blank that is initially opened within Scapple

Basically, every time I start Scapple it opens up a blank document, then I go to File - > Open Recent and it leaves blank behind, so I have to open blank and close it manually. It really is annoying.

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I’d also like to know if this is possible in Scapple for Windows. A forum search shows that this behavior is possible in Scapple for macOS, and Scrivener for Windows opens with the most recent file edited, so I’m wondering if it’s possible for this behavior to be added to Scapple.

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Just in case you don’t already know :

If you pin an app to the taskbar (Windows), then right click the pinned icon, there is a “recent” list.

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Yes, this is something we need to get fixed. Any action at all that would load an existing .scap file (like double-clicking in Finder/Explorer) after you’ve already launched it should abandon the starter window if it has never been used in any way. The report got missed last time around, but funnily enough I made a ticket for this just a week or so ago. We’ll get to it the next time we do an update!

Otherwise yes, launching Scapple with a file load event, such as in the Taskbar, is a good way of avoiding the problem in general.

Thank you both for the replies and tips. Sounds good that an update is in the future, too!