Feature request! ;)

Scrivener is well known for its security and resilience against crashes; using back-ups on close and auto save on pause to prevent technology related lost data. Yet there is one glaring problem that, at the moment, Scrivener is unable to protect against: Human incompetence and mental glitches.

My proposed solution: instead of autosaving everytime there’s a 2 second pause, Scrivener takes a snapshot instead. Then, using your device’s webcam, Scrivener analyses your facial expressions while you type. If you look happy, it quietly discards the snapshots. If you look frowny at any point, it automatically labels the snapshot taken a few minutes earlier as “I think you went off the rails here” and saves it in the Inspector.

It’s about time we saw something feasible and rational being posted around here.

In order to make this idea modern, it would need to upload the webcam photo and the text that is slated to be snapshot. This should preferably be uploaded to us, Facebook, Google and several hundred advertisers.

For us, we will do like Apple does, where they monitor and record every spoken word made into dictation, as well as every keystroke along with your latitude and longitude, into Spotlight—for enhanced quality purposes, of course. If you choose the side of privacy, you’ll have to download several gigabytes of stuff, so that it can work offline.

Facebook and Google will of course want your data so they can continue monitoring your entire life effectively, and as a modern program, there should be no attempt to stop that from happening.

The advertisers, well—we need something that requires clicking several hundred times on checkboxes, to fully opt out from this. Anything else would be… uncivilised.

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And there it begins, the seed of the inevitable Apple-centric worldview and Mac-only implementation. I speak on behalf of all second class Windows users everywhere when I say we request, nay, we demand this feature on the Beta now! :smiling_imp:

Official Spokesperson of Second-Class Windows Scrivener Users

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

But what if we’re non-verbal writers, or use the same anatomical improbability for both a Good Sentence and a Tragic Error?

Shouldn’t Scrivener monitor our pulse rate, perhaps through the Track Pad? I mean, there’s got to be a reason Apple calls it a Track Pad, right?

Mice, I suppose, could perform somewhat the same purpose, though it might be indelicate to suggest how the small number of Trackball aficionados might be monitored.

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Mice only have one purpose. :smiling_imp:

Oh. You didn’t know about the Apple Watch companion app?


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Another reason not to acquire an Apple Watch. I mean, the MBP’s face-timey camera is already watching my every move through its security bandaid, and believe it’s recently enlisted the cats.

No, the cats enlisted it. They were here first and have a lot of expertise in the management of Creatures with Thumbs.



This might be my favourite wish list thread ever. Although that cat is alarming.

That’s a yes, then? :smiling_imp: