Feature requests

I’m still not a fan of this one, so prove to me that it could be good: take an old chapter brief and show me what a bunch of you could pull together. EDITED TO UPDATE: Don’t do that. Prove it here, instead.


I’ve been watching a lot of Food Network recently, so pardon the inspiration.

Combining some of pigfender’s feedback to me about pre-screening new writers and Jaysen’s team writing…

why not try a bunch of short feeder tournaments (150-word stories, etc.) whose “winner” then gets a chapter in the NiAD? Something like one of the Chopped Tournaments of Champions…

Maybe do this first as separate from the main NiAD, and this would be amenable to streaming…and would give interested folks a way to get their foot in the door…

It’s really not that difficult to get in. Places aren’t that rare! You have to have enough confidence to stick your hand up. You have to have enough confidence to send me a short sample of your work. You have to have sufficient grasp of what makes something readable. If you need support to get over those steps, than NiaD isn’t for you yet as your work will get read by hundreds of people (according to the stats from previous years’ books), and bailing out on the day causes problems when I need them the least!

Also, I really don’t like Jaysen’s idea. :smiley:
Here’s the relevant blurb from previous threads…

One of the joys—and terrors—of NiAD is that we all do play alone. There might be a bit of banter on the day but, speaking for myself at least, that’s just an outlet for the anxiety of writing something good enough in the time available. As a form of procrastination, it’s also a lot more fun than banging your head into the desk or staring at the walls wondering why you can’t remember the word for the thing that you use to do the thing with the thing. When it comes to the writing itself though, that’s a lonesome task (as writing almost always is). No-one else sees what I write, or knows what I think, until the package published.

Great advice. Can I quote you*?

[size=85]*I obviously just did, but I meant apart from here of course. [/size]

Wait… What? Seriously? Wow.

You would do this the week I’m so hopped up on narcotics that can cant figure out why one foot has no sock on it and the other is confined in two socks. let me read that other thread and see what trouble I’ve made for myself. Hopefully it’s no more trouble than normal. Granted i’ve been told that “normal” is really a relative experience, and after a week with my relatives I’m just not sure how it all works any more.

I think I’m ready for another pill…


I should point out that I was laughing at the funny sock joke, not the fact that you’re under the weather. Feel better soon.

I am of course assuming that illness is indeed the rationale for your narcotic interlude, and this isn’t a cry for some sort of interventionist response from your interchums.

‘s got nowt t’ do with illness! It’s a byproduct of a faulty keyboard, and numpty’s devotional reliance upon ‘predictive text’.

I wish that either of the suggested nefarious options were the true cause of my narcotic fueled ranting and raving at the dust balls I am chasing in circles while trying to clean the ceiling fan. I’m still not sure why there’s a ceiling fan on the floor, but she said it needed cleaned and I shall clean it no matter how hard it is to reach from the top of this ladder to those moving things on the floor.

Allow me to suggest, age and I do NOT get along well. At all. And age is intent on escalating the conflict while I, the loser in all engagements, refuse to give ground and cede to age any suggestion of possible defeat. The problem is, in all honesty, that SOB is winning! I’m not sure age can be held at bay and I may need to admit “you’ve won you damnable bastard!”.

That or I just need another pill…

‘snot just about you, y’ know! :open_mouth:
wot kindda pills are they, anyway? :confused:

Please do.

Wait, did we just learn that Jaysen and vic-k are living together in the same fan-ridden house?! :open_mouth:

I looked under the fan, I can’t find vic-k, so I’m not sure.

I still hold that each and everyone of us is just a figment of vic-k’s imagination. Think about it.

Two points to address, gr.
a)“…Jaysen and vic-k are living together….” Were I to move in with Jaysen and Colleen, within a very short space of time (hours, not days), Colleen wold be saying to Jayson, “Why can’t you be more like Vic?” A factor that would render co-habitation unworkable! Jaysen would have to go … obviously. So, no, we’re not living t’gether.
b)“… in the same fan-ridden house?!” Visitors … lurkers and posters, could be confused as to whether you mean ‘fan’ as in wind-chill producing device, or ‘fan’ as in: acolytes; admirers; disciples; followers, etc., etc., understandably veering t’ward the latter, I expect.

Jaysen, venture not into the labyrinth of Metaphysics, for should you do so, our only recourse would be to send yosimiti in to rescue you! But, and it’s a big [size=150]BUT[/size] We’d have no way of knowing who he’d choose as a guide. If he chose Kant, then the odds of your safe return are pretty much in your favour. However, should he choose Plato … ferrgerrittt!! You’d have t’ take y’ chance against the Minotaur.
Tread carefully buddy,