Feature requests

This is a lovely thread to add and discuss any suggestions you have to improve the NiaD experience for all.

Some previous suggestions I’ve received include…

  • NiaD Live – a place / coffeeshop where people can actually gather and do NiaD together on the day (or just pop by and say ‘hi’)
  • T-Shirts [DONE]
  • Spanish language version
  • Physical copies of books

Make sure it happens… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should consider “hemispheric” leadership. EX, NA/SA has a leader who makes assignments and aggregations. EU/AS/AS has one, etc. This leaves you with the outline/plot points.

The obvious problem here is participation rates. If you have uneven participation then assign leaders based on covers (red, blue, green) so you only have to deal with the outline/plot and maybe one cover.

The live update is an interesting idea a ship in middle of ocean maybe and parachute us all in :smiley:

NiaD live streaming – get that live feel, but without the geographic pain. Use Twitch or your favorite live streaming platform of choice.

I think real copies of books is an unnecessary amount of work if someone wants to print their copies thats a possibility but I am guessing most of us are happy to have a eBook library like I have of what we have achieved so far.
We need to think of how we can help Pigfender lighten his load when we do this novel because we might huff and puff at trying to write a chapter but he sits there quietly getting on with a huge job of compiling all of our work into what was one novel and each year as the amount of people taking part increases to multiple books and all done within 24 hours. We all appreciate his hard work I am sure I know I do, but he needs some help here so that he wants to continue this great job. :smiley:

Well then, let’s ask Pigfender (Rog): What, o’ Mighty One, can we, the readers of, and would be contributors to, the next Niad do to help lessen your burden?

Take care
Vic-Niad Reader-K

That’s all very sweet of you. I’ll definitely be looking at ways to make the administrative aspects of NiaD a bit easier. If it scales beyond three books in the future that’s likely to involve volunteers for importing and compiling, and it’ll probably involve me being much less active in the signing up of people in the run up to the event.

But what I’m especially interested in hearing (in this thread at least!) are suggestions for how to change / evolve / add to the event itself from a participant (rather than pigfender) perspective. How can we make this an even better event for you lot? Or is it perfect?

Seriously, a Twitch or other livestream event all day, with different hosts taking over as the world turns 'round.

Or a Google Hangout-type thing where you can have participants all in the same virtual audio/video chatroom…

In my opinion: Make no changes.

The point of NiaD that finally coopted my participation is that we each write a short story in 24hr with limited info. As it is we germinate, gestate, then give birth to “24 independent shorts on a common outline”. Anything that moves it toward a “collaborative novel” would be to lessen the NiaD-ness of NiaD.

I could see would be to arrange books via timezones so you could release outlines to optimize efficiency. Ex: the 6P delivery to me lets me read, think, sleep, rethink then pound out my 3k being confident in what I’m putting on the page. Problem is that you would then have the outline “in the wild” and certain sneaky individuals might get their hands on it early.

I think “team writing” could be a thing. kind of like the old “three word” threads, but more structured. Maybe something like 150word blocks. I bet you’d get a few folks on that that would not do NiaD with a 3k commitment.

It might be nice to consider a smaller format NiaD… a M-Niad … the Mini Novel in a Day. Each segment is 1K, limit it to 15 chapters. Let it be sponsored by a different outline provider and use it as a “training tool” for folks that think they would set up to help you with NiaD. “How does that help you, the writer?” you ask… It let’s newer folks try something smaller. It let’s those of us to are NOT interested in publishing or getting paid to write have a creative outlet a bit more structured. It can be a nice practice for “the big show”.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Feel free to put it all in the rubbish bin where the rest of the trash resides :slight_smile:

I find that I am as one with our Jaysen on more than a few aspect of his post … I’m veering t’ward, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’
I 'd avoid adding anymore layers of complexity … simple is good …init? Bloatware bad? :confused:
Vic-Niad Read-K

I agree its worked well and if we have chat rooms then we can say hey what bit do you have to write
and that would be like cheating we just dont know at moment and that is a lot of fun and anguish :slight_smile:

Jaysen, Vic-K, I respect where you’re coming from and I respect you both a lot (yes, Vic, even you!) – but I suggested something I would like to see as someone who currently feels no urge to participate in NiaD because it’s too far outside of my experience and comfort zone.

If I had a Twitch stream I could watch, or a hangout I could see, maybe that would change my mind. I wasn’t thinking “collaborate on the plot” bit, so much as I was thinking “show off the fun and community.”

But right now, NiaD feels (to this outsider) too much like a club with outsiders not welcome.

Famous last words! If the Headless One succumbed to the allure, no one is safe.

My expectations for collaboration are built on a foundation of undiagnosed-until-adult-Aspergers combined with years in the technical industry where continuity of voice and content is key.

Quite simply, I don’t play well with others, and I have no wish to inflict myself upon a group of people having fun. :slight_smile:

I knew I should have taken more time in writing that.

The Scrivener forums are very welcoming – there’s a reason I keep coming back. :slight_smile:

I have seen nothing in NiaD that would give the perception that anyone there is actively trying to ward off newcomers.

My issues are more internal to me – I mentioned in a previous reply that my background of collaboration in writing comes from a technical career. Often on my project teams, I am the one tasked with going over everyone’s contributions to ensure uniformity of voice and continuity – in part because I have the focus and attention to detail to do it well and a strong dislike of disunity.

At one point when I was working as a freelancer in the RPG gaming industry, I was introduced to the concept of “Hurtful Wrong Fun” – which goes beyond “you all are doing something I don’t find fun” straight to “and you’re hurting me because your type of fun is wrong.”

People who express Hurtful Wrong Fun are usually self-centered jerks. I have spent a good portion of my life conditioning myself away from my kneejerk tendencies to be a self-centered jerk. To me, the current setup of NiaD is too far into my discomfort zone for it to be worth me spending the energy to fight my tendencies – what y’all find a fun feature, I find a bug. But NiaD isn’t for me so my opinion really doesn’t matter. If I were to attempt to participate, I would be the guy bringing Hurtful Wrong Fun to the party and NOBODY likes that guy. That’s why I feel like an outsider for NiaD in particular (and occasionally in some of irreverent, illogical, zany badinage y’all tend to drag every long-running thread down into) and my solution is to withdraw and shut up.

But that’s a reflection on how I am, not an indictment of NiaD or the forums or how anyone else is. Part of wisdom is knowing how you’re broken and how far you can adapt, when to try, and when to sit back and let other people do their thing. :slight_smile:

as I ‘ve mentioned, on more than one occasion on Scriv’s fora, a sizeable portion of Scriv’s crew are coping with debilitating physical and/or psychological conditions, of varying degrees of severity.
My own contribution is: ME/CFS, (mildly affected), with all of its bizarre symptoms.
which precludes me from participating in a whole raft of activities, i.e., of late: physical labour endeavour; social interaction (in excess of five or more other folk, usually. After an hour or so, I’m edging t’ward the door! no matter how congenial and amiable that company is!). However, unfortunately for some, my weird, warped sensed of humour remains in tact.

Because I feel it’s imperative (for me), that I address the points you’ve raised in you posts, it’s taken me more than two hours to write the preceding 140 words. That’s the nature of Me, in my case, when it comes to writing. It’s as if the mental links between eyes, brain and finger tips, are short circuiting. I end up staring at the screen. It’s the mental equivalent of looking at a door that desperately needs painting, and thinking, “Sod it! I’ll do it tomorrow!” again and again and again! The greater the sense of imperative, the greater the difficulty in responding. That’s why I never try to enrol for Niad … I’d turn into a zombie!

However, Dev, If you were successful in enrolling on Niad, I’m sure your only required interaction would be with Rog (pigfender). All you’d need to do, is what you claim you’re good at, paying attention to the instructions and details in the package Rog would furnish you with, for you to complete your chapter.

Nobody knows you better than yourself, but I’m struggling with your description of yourself and your sense of humour. And, anyway, there’s no law etched in stone that says we need play to our self-perceived stereotypes.

Take care, Dev

I would rather leave the slot open for those who are going to fling themselves into the endeavor with joyful abandon. :slight_smile: NiaD deserves that.

:open_mouth: I’m not too sure I can combine the concepts of Jaysen, and flinging about with joyful abandon!! :open_mouth: Could get very [size=150]XXX[/size] Rated. Sort of '80 Shades of The Life and Times of The Marquis de Sade

Take care, old buddy

Hey Devin, thanks for the insights into how NiaD can come across to potential new participants. It’s an interesting issue: We’re clearly trying to create a club-like atmosphere, with our forum badges, repeat events, published lists of names, etc. It’s difficult to put your arms around any group and say “we’re together on this thing” without creating a line – no matter how fragile or easy to cross – that newcomers have to make a psychological step over.

That’s compounded by the fact that I do actually make new participants submit a sample of their work before hand. These books are a matter of pride for a lot of people (myself included!) and it’s important that anyone taking part takes it seriously. So they do have to be comfortable being told what to write. They do have to be comfortable with a deadline. They do have to be comfortable with the general public reading their stuff… and they have to reach a standard of writing where I think they’re ready for that level of exposure.

So, I definitely appreciate your suggestions for ways to let people look over that line (which I will try to draw as faintly as I can) and get a sense of whether it’d be fun on the other side, or just a bit too claustanthropic!

I’ll look into Twitch and other possibilities for live streaming. I’m very conscious that my screen itself might not be the most exciting thing to look at (plus I want to keep things like the title, the cover and the order of chapters secret until the big reveal), but I like the idea of more active chatting – especially if there’s a way to continue to have it be centred on this wonderful community of friends who love writing and reading.

I totally get why you might not be comfortable taking part. I’m not exactly a fan of collaborative working myself*, particularly not the committee style development that is so commonly mistaken for teamwork these days. If you do change your mind and fancy a go in the future, then rest assured, Devin, I’ve read some of your writing before (including your interesting opening on the Scrivening forum) and you can consider yourself pre-approved!

    • I know. Ironic, huh?