Feedback followup

I posted a month or so ago when I had just registered Scrivener to say how fantastic I thought it was.

I wanted to follow up on that earlier feedback having now used Scrivener daily, almost constantly, for a longer period, and say that I have only gotten happier with it.

I have started using the corkboard extensively now as I’m putting ideas for my dissertation in order. I’m having the (apparently typical humanities) dissertation crisis of having a ton of ideas and a really difficult time ordering them and letting one question and argument crystallize out of the mass of neat stuff I’ve found out.

What I’ve been doing is taking all of my endless pages of questions, plans, freewriting-for-ideas, etc., and splitting these up into index cards with one idea each. Then I tag each idea (“methodology,” “theoretical framework,” “overall question,” “data,” etc) and arrange the cards on the corkboard. All of a sudden, structures emerge. I can leave something out or move it over to the side if I see it doesn’t belong. I can’t believe how much it is like having real index cards, and a real corkboard. It is really, really helpful.

Anyway, I just wanted to come back and say again, from the perspective of a continuing user, that Scrivener is really first-rate. I can’t believe you can get something this good, with the outstanding support Keith offers on the forums, at all, let along for the token price Keith charges.

Needless to say it’s been rock-solid the entire time I’ve used it. No problems or disruptions. I was overjoyed to hear about improved Bookends integration, but honestly, I don’t need another thing from this software. That’s just typical of the experience I’ve had with Scrivener from the beginning, though–a non-stop series of pleasant surprises.

I delightedly recommend Scrivener to everyone I know who writes. Sincere thanks!