Feels Like Home

Just a quick nod to the Scrivener crew for creating such a wonderful tool. I’m writing a biography; have been researching it for five years in my spare time and now actually making the chapters. As many others have said, moving to Scrivener was a life-changing experience.

I transferred over to Scrivener the entire pigsty of various bits captured on handwritten pages and Nisus files, and it is flat-out brilliant that I can do a single search for a name or a word, and Scrivener looks in all files at once. Megabrill, as Shirley would say.

I read with envy other posts that say “sent off to the publisher” and relish the idea that sometime soon I can write to say the same thing. After working on a Mac since 1986, I can think of no other application that does its work so well, mostly because it so quickly gets out of the way to enable the creative spirit to soar without restraint.


Hi Bruce,

Many thanks for the kind words - much appreciated! I’m glad Scrivener is helping. Good luck with the rest of the biography!

All the best,