Fiction as a form of protest

Hard Times
Les Miserables
Fahrenheit 451
and five others at

Others nominations?


Native Son by Richard Wright

Of course, it then reminds me of James Baldwin’s essay, “Everybody’s Protest Novel”

Atlas Shrugged (book)
Animal Farm
Lord of the Flies
An Inconvenient Truth (Fictional Movie not Book)

IRS form 1040?

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Well, it is indeed a “form,” so must be considered.

But whose 1040 would incorporate anything but demonstrable, irrefutable fact?

And against what might that – if such be even possible – be a protest?

(Beware Mr. K’s coq au Jameson.)


I’m suggesting that the form itself, as supplied by the IRS to the citizen, is a protest. It is a protest against the existence of the citizenry themselves.

At least that’s how I feel every time I see one. THEY’RE TRYING TO DRIVE ME OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!!!

I hate the audacity of them asking for a donation to a political fund on a tax form. That is like trying to sell cemetery plots to people who are attending a funeral.