Fiction Writer and Playwright

For most of my writing life I have been a playwright and TV writer. I’ve had some productions and won some awards.

Currently I’m working on my first novel and in a lot of ways I feel like a newbie again, but not really because I don’t agonize over if I’m good or not, but remember what that was like. Ahhh, experience, there’s nothing like it. :smiley:

Anyway, my novel is called Dirt and it’s a young adult fantasy that incorporates geology, Viking lore, Pookas, and so many other things I can’t believe came from my brain. Fantasy was the last genre I’d thought I’d write. But there it is.

I’m having fun playing about with Scapple to structure my novel and do some brainstorming. I like it a lot.

I have a blog where I share my experience with other writers. It can be found at

Who are you all?