Figure Caption

I’m a new Scrivener user, I’m using it to write my dissertation. At the moment, I’m struggling with how to insert captions for my figures and tables without compiling to rtf or Word first. Many thanks in advance

Well you may not like this answer, but if you use Multimarkdown or Pandoc as your output path, then you can get very nice figure and table caption support, i.e. figures are inserted like this in Scrivener:

![Figure 1. Caption Here](imagelink)

This gets transformed by multimarkdown into a proper figure wrapped in a textbox with caption (in ODT LibreOffice format anyway). Pandoc (which can generate docx directly) uses styles to make sure the caption links to the figure (keep with previous paragraph), but doesn’t wrap them in a textbox (this has some advantages). I also use the automatic numbering from Scrivener, with a caveat that mmd->libreoffice also adds autonumbering:

This was very interesting, please see figure <$n#figure:myid> for more details.  

![Figure <$n:figure:myid>: Caption Here](imagelink)

I personally think the benefits of using MMD or Pandoc to create proper outlining, better style support and better figure support, especially for things like dissertations far outweigh then step away from rich text.