File Compile... for Scrivener 3

Recently, when compiling my project for Scrivener 3, the only option of pages that shows up the current page I am and anything nested under that page. Also, even if I unclick the nested pages, it will compile all of them. Any suggestions?

Hello Anki, and welcome to the forum.

You might check the funnel settings just above the list of documents in your compile panel, as per the attached. You might also check the drop-down just to its left.

Check to make sure manuscript is choosen in compile options and not a collection with only a few files

The option to select my manuscript is greyed out… :thinking:

Did you pick a compile format on the left?

I did. No matter which format I pick, the Manuscript selection is greyed out in the compile drop down.

Is your manuscript in the root of your Binder?

That is gonna require a screenshot.
Perhaps @AmberV could grant you permission to post one early. (?)

I’ve tried every way I could think of to make a document (any document) greyed out in the compile scope, without success.

(@Anki – Is that even where you are trying to select what to compile?)

Why do you guys all have “Manuscript” instead of “Draft” ?

If you change the name of the Draft folder it will use whatever you called it, in the menus and such.

Sure. I know that. But I thought, since it is everyone who posted in this thread but me, that there might have been some other “more technical” reason for it.
A specific built-in template or whatnot that I would have missed.

Some of the built-in templates do call it “Manuscript.”

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I’m not sure what this means… the root of the binder

Yes, my screen looks like that, but my options are “Manuscript” (greyed out), Current selection, Search results… and no matter what selection I make on the left (Outline, Modern, Manuscript), or up top (Print, Word, etc.) my full manuscript selection for compile stays greyed out… :thinking:

I see that AmberV allowed you to post screenshots.
Could you please post one of your complete compile panel + the dropdown ?
Just like that:

Was able to reproduce your issue. (Nevermind my previous post.)
In the binder, your manuscript is probably empty.

Back up your project:

→ Backup to or backup now

Then, select all of your documents that should be part of your manuscript (all of them, all at once, except for the manuscript file itself, the research folder, the trash, and whatever isn’t intended as part of the manuscript),

and :

If that refuses to work (no Move sub-menu), drag and drop them like this:


@AntoniDol was looking in the right place. :wink: (Assuming, of course, that this fixes the problem…)


Some templates say Draft and others say Manuscript – and that’s just English names. The name doesn’t matter.

You got it. For some reason all my subdocuments were not in my Binder. So weird. This works. Thanks everyone. Compiling works now for my whole manuscript.

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I suppose that all one would need to do in order to get this undesirable result is to inadvertently move the top most document (or first document) out of the draft/manuscript folder and add new documents over time to the cumulating lot.

Or select everything to view as a scrivening, then move them out of the draft/manuscript folder by accident. (Although I can’t think of how, since the menu command or its shortcut don’t work when multiple selected documents are of different levels. Unless all selected documents are exclusively at level 1 (or the whole be collapsed), it would have to be done manually, using the mouse, which implies the will to do so. )

It is all a big mystery. And probably not worth anyone’s time. :wink:
I’m just glad you are now good to go. :+1:

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FWIW, this is not that unusual an issue.

My guess is that it happens when the “add file here” cursor is between “Manuscript” and “Research,” rather than “Manuscript” being selected. And then once the precedent is set, the rest of the project just follows along.

Confusing, but easy to fix once you figure it out.