File Conversion

Just a reminder of this little file converter app (recommended).

There is a version (1.3.5) here: … g=pdp_prod

If this version downloads as a .dmg.txt file, just erase the .txt part of the name and it will convert to a .dmg.

iFille 3.0 has just gone up on It is also now known as Alien Converter.

Quoted from their site:
Using Drag and Drop, AlienConverter makes file format conversions simple and easy. You can convert single or multiple files as well as different file types at once with great speed into the following formats: Microsoft Word (.Doc), Rich Text Format (RTF) - (RTFD), Simple Text (.TXT), HTML Documents, Web Archives, XML and XHTML Documents.

With AlienConverter you can instantly convert various, multiple documents like Word, HTML, XHTML, XML, TEXT, Web Archives and other document types present in AlienConverter to (.aiff) Audio files with a simple click. You can also instantly convert multiple formats into single file format. An additional feature is a one-click multiple and simultaneous file-folder locking-unlocking. File conversions can be done also with Files-Documents directly from and to External Drives, USB Devices, iPods…etc. This also applies to Locking-Unlocking Folders, Volumes and Files.

The site has a movie you can watch.


Thanks for the tip, I just downloaded it to see if this could be a solution to batch convert the tons of old SimpleText files I have floating around without having to open them one by one or lose the formatting… unfortunately it seems to choke on larger files.

BTW, if anyone wants to try something very close to version 1.3.5 (listed above) but without all the nagging pop-up, look for version 1.3.3, that one is freeware.

Contacted them about the long file issue and it turned out to be a file name issue instead. It looks like the name was either too long or had some non-alphanumeric characters and that was the problem. :blush: