File disappeared after closing Scrivener

Okay, so I am new to this forum and desperate for help.

I’m using Scrivener Gold on my Mac (OS X Lion) and never had problems with it until yesterday.

I was working on an old project for about 8 hours and saved it almost every two minutes. When I wanted to change the view mode Scrivener suddenly froze and since it still wasn’t reacting after waiting about 10 minutes I closed the program. When I reopened it the project wasn’t listed in the start panel (‘Open Last Project’ was empty) and it wasn’t in the recent projects list either. When I wanted to open the file from its folder, it wasn’t there. I couldn’t find it using spotlight or in the bin.

I googled the issue and couldn’t find anything about it on google and in this forum, a file resurrection app didn’t help either.

I don’t know what to do anymore and hope that someone in here can help me. Unfortunately I didn’t have a backup of my projects and time machine wasn’t running.

It’s almost like the project never existed and I’m kind of going mad… Is the file completely lost or is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance!!!

Unfortunately, if you have tried using Spotlight to search for “.scriv”, I’m not sure what else to suggest. I would strongly recommend against using Scrivener Gold, though, regardless, especially on Lion. Scrivener Gold was an early beta of Scrivener, which hasn’t been tested on anything but Tiger, and it was dropped even as a free download from this site years ago because of various incompatibilities. Scrivener 2.0 had some serious improvements in the way files and backed up, too. I know that’s not much help in retrieving your work, but I have no idea how Scrivener Gold would work on Lion.

All the best,

You can try running the system’s find tool, which isn’t susceptible to index blindness like Spotlight is. To use it, you’ll need to fire up Terminal. From Finder use the Go/Utilities menu and double-click on the Terminal icon. Copy and paste the following line into the command window that appears, and press Return to execute the command. This will likely take a while. You can ignore the permission errors you will see.

find / -name '*.scriv' -type d | grep '\.scriv$' > ~/Desktop/complete_project_list.txt

At the conclusion of the process, go to your Desktop and open the “complete_project_list.txt” file that the script created. This should contain an exhaustive list of every Scrivener project (technically, any folder on the system ending in “.scriv”) on every attached device or external hard drive. It will even find things that have been trashed.

Thanks for your advices! I will definitely buy a new version of Scrivener within the next few days.

Unfortunately using this line in Terminal didn’t really help as the project wasn’t listed in the text-file. I don’t know how, but it seems to have completely disappeared and simply doesn’t exist anymore. (How is that even possible?)

At this point it seems like I’ll have to start anew with this project. Thank you anyway!
(Of course I’m still open to any suggestions on what else I could try to retrieve the file!)

Try firing up Time machine in the folder where the project used to be. In Lion, it will store hourly backups on the local drive even if you don’t have your TM drive connected. I’m not sure if TM does this if you haven’t set up an external TM backup drive, but it’s worth a shot to see if there’s anything there to restore.