File format changes in Mac v2.7

Is there a timeline for when there will be a Linux beta that supports the new and improved (and non-backwards-compatible) file format from Mac v2.7? I assume it will show up on Windows first and then make its way to Linux…

I ask because I’m two years into a novel that I’ve been working on across my Mac and Linux on a Chromebook. I went on and updated my Mac version, but… would be nice if I could go back to working on it from whatever computer I’m on :mrgreen: … 15#p203327

KB says we’re definitely getting the new format.

Excellent. I don’t see anything in that thread about when it will be but I know the Linux version takes a while to trickle down so I will patiently await awesome updates.

For what it’s worth, I think the changes to the format make a lot of sense and set Scrivener up to be a more “sync-tolerant” going forward, and I think that’s a great idea.

Yeah there are some…quirks…using Scrivener currently in any kind of mobile or cloud-based format, that’s for certain. :slight_smile: