File import retains connection to original

Is it possible to import a file into a Scrivener file and have it link to the original file so that changes to the original file are updated in the Scrivener file? Thanks.

No, I’m afraid not. You can create references in the project references table, though. But text files in Scrivener, in particular, can contain special attributes unrecognised by other applications, so they become part of the project only.

Is there any hope that this feature would be added in the future? As a writer I am constantly referencing documents that are universal to all my writing.

Most of these are running lists: like actions as a result of emotional states, enneagram data sheets that help in character design and development, master templates that I continue to edit for future projects.

They would not have to be stored in the Scrivener file and could bring up the source app.

Just a thought. I got the idea originally from a novelist. Though I use these for screenplays.

Thank you,

You can already do this using the project references or document references in the inspector pane - that will allow you to double click on the item in the list and bring it up in the original program, or in Scrivener if it is a supported file type (e.g. PDF). The binder is reserved for files that are contained inside the .scriv file - the references list for external references. So the feature you want is already there, just in a different place. :slight_smile:

references does what i need, I just wish the project references showed in the left hand hierarchal outline.


I don’t remember if I have told you lately, but you have done and outstanding job with this tool. It has revolutionized my writing. Thanks.