File links, Dropbox, and diff paths on diff computers

I am keeping my project on in a Dropbox folder. Works well. Now, I’ve put in links to some PDFs that also live in Dropbox. The problem is that on my various computers, my Dropbox folder has a different root pathname. So, when I drag a link into my project on one machine, and it records the complete file name, that same file name won’t work when I open it later on a different machine, because that machine has the Dropbox folder hanging off of a different part of the file system and thus the hardcoded file path name in the link won’t work. Does anyone have a smart workaround for this? Or better yet, is there a way to drag the actual PDFs into my project, not the links, so that the files live right inside the project and are accessible even if the project folder moves?

Yeah, I’d recommend the latter option in most cases. It will be a lot more convenient to have the PDFs right in your Binder as that makes them portable, as well as the fact that you can just click on it and read it in the main viewer, takes notes in the Inspector sidebar, give it keywords, etc. Importing PDFs, or any other type of file for that matter, is as simple as dragging the file into the Binder on the left, rather than into a References list on the right (which is what I assume you’re doing now). You can also use File/Import/Files....

It is possible to set up your computer so that multiple paths lead to the same place. It’s an advanced tool that works at the “UNIX level” of your Mac, called Symbolic Links. You may find a utility that helps make those without the use of the command line, but if you are comfortable with Terminal, the command is:

ln -s /original/path linkName

By example, this command would create an alternate path to your user folder:

ln -s /Users/mlevin77 /Users/mlevin_iMac

In this case, the actual user folder is mlevin77, but any software that has been configured to look for folders in the mlevin_iMac user account from your other Mac will be silently diverted to the actual mlevin77 account.

as simple as dragging the file into the Binder on the left, rather than into a References list

ah!! how simple. Super, thank you! Just what I wanted.