File Not Found

When I try to open Scrivener I am told that the file is not found and can’t use the program anymore. What am I doing wrong? How do I fix this?

Is this a Windows message, e.g. you’re trying to load Scrivener via a desktop shortcut, but it can’t find the Scrivener.exe program? Or is this a Scrivener message indicating that a particular project can’t be found and opened? Scrivener by default automatically loads the most recent project, but if you have since moved, renamed, or deleted that project folder, you might get a message that the file couldn’t be found. If it still exists, just at a different path, you can navigate to it directly in Windows Explorer to open it by double-clicking the yellow-icon “project” file in the folder, or use “Open Existing Project…” in Scrivener to browse for the project folder.

The “can’t use the program” anymore bit seems like a separate issue, although maybe I’m just misunderstanding the wording. This sounds more like you had a trial version installed and the trial period is up; in that case launching Scrivener would give you a message that you need to register and activate your licence to continue using the program. If you’ve already purchased Scrivener, you should be able to enter your serial name and number and get past all that; you can drop us an email at sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com if you can’t find your licence info, you should be able to retrieve it with your email address via eSellerate’s after-sales support here.