File recovery

Today I opened a file that I hadn’t used since July and was told that I needed to do file recovery on it. When this recovery was done, most of the content was either rearranged out missing outright.

I do know that when I was last using the file, I was working on my PC laptop, rather than my Mac.

Is there any way I can get the original content back?

Check to see if you can find the automatic backup of your file.

Same thing is happening with the back up files

What versions are you running on PC and Mac?

Have you tried opening the project on the PC?

How did you transfer/synch the projects between the PC and Mac?

Do you mean the warning that is worded like this?

If so, when you say they that stuff comes up incomplete or empty, are you referring to the contents of the “Recovered Files” folder? If so that may be nothing to worry about. Given the nature of what causes this kind of problem, this is even to be expected. These orphaned files may in fact be from much earlier revisions, that some cloud system duplicated into your project folder recently from an old device or something.

They are recovered in the off chance that your cloud software messed up and the duplicate copy is actually the better one than what ended up in the binder. But they are safe to delete if they are not useful to you.