File Size Issues

I’m in the middle of typing up a novel and currently at 83,000 words. But I seem to have an issue with the file size in that it’s just under 28GB - yes, GB - so that, along with the back ups, it’s currently taking up 84GB of space on my computer. Given that there’s only 2 photos in the whole project, how can this have happened? Also, what can I do to rectify it? And how can I prevent it from happening again?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

28 GB???

The only thing I can think of is that you somehow incorporated some very large files – probably video – into the project without realizing it.

There’s a limited number of ways to do that, most of which would require something other than Scrivener to write things to the Scrivener project folder, which is a bad idea anyway.

In any case. You can see the contents of the project by locating in Finder, right-clicking, and selecting the option to “show package contents.” Use Finder to browse through the directory structure. Sort by file size: whatever it is will probably be pretty obvious.

You can safely drag files out of the project to a location such as your desktop. Since the problem files don’t appear in the Binder, they likely don’t appear in the project’s master index file either, which means Scrivener won’t notice that they’re gone.

Knowing what the files are should give you an idea of where they might have come from.

Is the project shared with any other system, via Dropbox, iCloud, or a similar tool?


Ah ha. Culprit spotted. 27.92GB taken up by the Photos Library from my mac. I have absolutely no idea how I would have added that in, but there it is - and the file size has returned to 8MB which is a much happier size.

Do you have any idea how I might have actually done this? Only so I can avoid doing it again next time round…

Thank you for your help.

It is possible to import that, and anything else for that matter. The only prohibition I’m aware of is other Scrivener projects.

Maybe you meant to import one photo, but ended up with all of them?