File Size Smaller

When I’m ready to put an eBook on Amazon, I have been doing the following:

In Scrivener, Compile to the .epub format.
Load the file into Calibre and Convert to .mobi.

It’s worked fine until yesterday. The .epub file size has always been about 2.4 meg. I made a minor text change to the book. The Compiled file size dropped to 1.6 meg. I can’t find anything missing. The mobi file seems fine. What might explain this large drop in file size?


I just made a small change to a second book of mine. It’s file size decreased from 5.7 to 3.6 Meg’s. Nothing’s seems to be missing. Strange!

Changes made to 2.4 and 2.4.1 … might explain how images, etc are being managed during compile. That’s if you’ve upgraded, of course.