File type options missing when importing.

In a a new project created from a blank file, when importing external files to it (file / import / Files… ) there are several missing options like “All files (.)”,“DOC” or “PDF” as seen on picture 1. Therefore, I cannot import ODF or DOC files to my blank projects since they simply don’t appear to me.
That doesn’t happen, however, when creating a project from a novel template as seen on picture 2.

And that’s it.



Hi Paulo,

When you try the import, do you have the Draft folder selected? It looks as though in the blank project you have, which means the import is limiting your choices to file types that can be converted into RTF documents for the Draft folder, and in the other you’ve selected a different area of the binder and so the import is making all file types available to you.

Do you have Word installed on your computer? Scrivener currently needs to use that installation in order to convert .doc and .docx files, so if it isn’t installed then those types will come in as unsupported files–you’d be able to edit them externally but not within Scrivener, so they’re not allowed in the Draft folder. For the time being, to import these files without Word, you can use a program such as the free OpenOffice to convert them to .rtf files, which Scrivener recognizes.

If you do have Word, could you let me know what version it is? There are still some import bugs surrounding .doc/.docx, so that might be the case here.