File won't load and work around

My version of Scrivener is up to date - that’s one of the first things I checked when I couldn’t load a file - and I’m running on a PC HP Omen. This is about a 400K word file and it loaded before and then, for no apparent reason, wouldn’t load any more. I checked to see if the file was too large and that didn’t seem to be the problem. But it wouldn’t load.

So I tried this and it worked. I should say that is file was being used to record notes on movies and TV series that I’ve watched so it’s acting more like a data base than a novel or something like that. And I probably should really set it up as a data base and transfer all the information, but that’s a big job. This is what I did to get access to the file again.

First I loaded a small file. Actually it was a test to see if something else was broken. When that worked, with Scrivener and the small file open…

Second I loaded the original file from recent files. It loaded, but didn’t seem to be too happy about it.

Third I split the file up into two separate files, one for the TV series and the other for movies, both in the 200K word range, renamed and saved them. Now I have access to all the information I originally had, it’s just in two files.

I still have to load the small file before I can load the larger one, but I don’t think that’s a problem, necessarily, with Scrivener. I have 6 year old computer that was pretty state of the art at the time with 32GB memory. I think the problem is my computer. While files have gotten larger, my computer memory hasn’t and I think that’s the problem. My computer is starting to struggle loading large files like the Scrivener ones and also programs. I didn’t see this listed anywhere as a solution to a large file not loading, but I think I’m right. I just need a new computer with upgraded processor and more - a lot more - memory.

If anyone else has a better solution, please let me know.

I like Scrivener for a lot of reasons and just started using it to keep track of movies and TV series because it was convenient. This information would be much better in a data base and I do have access to the MS suite of programs. It’s just at this point transferring all the data and setting up a data base would be a lot of work.

Anyway, in case anyone else has trouble loading a file, it might not be Scrivener, but your computer.

In what way did your computer express its unhappiness?

When you say you split into two separate files, do you mean two projects, or two documents within a single Scrivener project? If you’re working with 400K words (or even 200K) in a single Binder document, then yes, it would be normal to see some performance issues.