file won't open

I was working on a Scrivener file yesterday, saved and closed. Today it won’t open. Other Scriv files will, but this one just “blink” and nothing happens. HELP!

I had the same problem. Went to open a file I’d been working on and nothing. Double-clicking goes to Scrivener, but the file doesn’t open. There’s no message.

I can open the file’s package and see the individual components so I haven’t lost my work (phew!).

Other Scrivener files work fine.

My suspicion is it’s connected with my Leopard upgrade, which has created a number of problems.

Scrivener v 1.10. Mac OS X 10.5. Aluminium Intel iMac.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Have you tried opening up to see if that generates any errors?

I had one user today who had this happen to him and it turned out to be a font problem on his machine, which seems to be something to do with some Leopard issue he is having.

The other thing to ensure is that you haven’t got any blank Auto-Complete items in the auto-complete list - that can cause a blank project, but 1.11 fixes that, so I would recommend downloading the 1.11 beta from the Beta Testing forums to see if that helps.

Also, try deleting Scrivener’s preferences (search for com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist and trash it - note that you will need to re-enter your registration details afterwards) to see if that helps.

If all else fails, zip up the project and send it to me…

All the best,

OK tried all of the above, deleted the preferences file, updated to 1.1, my file will not open at all. Panicsville here… I’m using Tiger, have not upgraded to Leopard, MacBook Pro, worked fine every day til now. No other upgrades or changes for a while, certainly not in the last 24 hours Help…

OK if I look at statistics (View/Statistics/Text Statistics and File Statistics) for the file it shows all zero’s. I appear to have lost pages and pages of work! So I have nothing to zip and send to you

OK, managed to de-construct the scriv file and find the text components (great sigh of relief). Will re-build the scriv outline et al with the text sub-files and THEN backup after every session. Still need to figure out what happened so I don’t so it again, so your input will be appreciated…

Glad to hear that the Statistics were wrong! I’m sure that Keith would still like a copy of the problem file.

Since I re-built it everything seems fine. Chalk it up to mystical anomaly but will do hourly backups from now on. Really love Scrivener for writing. You get hooked on it and can’t write in any other environment. :smiley: