Filename wraparound in binder

It would be nice if there was an option to have long file (folder, etc.) names in the Binder view wrap around to multiple lines rather than cutting off.

Dear God…NOOOO!

P.S. That’s what the new 21:9 ratio displays are for. :slight_smile:

P.P.S. Actually, in hindsight, I apologize for responding in the negative to a suggestion. As long as is optional, fine by me.

Though, just to note, names of folders and docs in the binder are not file names… they are whatever one chooses to enter (presumably something meaningful) or let default, with Scrivener tying those names to actual numerically named files in the underlying file system.

Five lines of vertical text height, but at least you can read the Metamorphoses on one, long, glossy Cinema HD quality line. :slight_smile:

But, more seriously, the Outliner will eventually be doing exactly what you want, and is meant to pick up where the Binder, as a method of quick and convenient navigation and organisation, leaves off.

I’m with SpringfieldMH. Shorten the names.

I’m with OP - I write synopsis lines as scene headers, and having the option to wrap them would be lovely.

You can use the outliner for this - the binder is a source list and there are no plans to allow wraparound in it.
All the best,

That’s too bad; I don’t find the outliner useful at all for this. What I want is the complete text in the left-hand column so I can refer to it as I write.

I could, I suppose, work split-screen, with the outliner on top and the working text beneath, but the layout isn’t ideal and it doesn’t really support clicking from scene to scene the way I prefer to work.

Oh, well. Write my own editor, I guess. Which I can’t, so, SOL.

Thanks for the reply, anyway.

What about hiding/narrowing the binder, and splitting vertically with the outliner in the left editor? Reduce the number of columns down to the bare essentials, and click the double-arrow icon in the left editor’s footer, so that clicks in the outliner open in the right editor. Lock the left (outliner) editor so incidental clicks to the binder don’t change that view.

You can split vertically rather tan horizontally if you prefer, then close the binder and resize the left editor in outliner mode. If you click the double-arrow “auto-load” button in the editor footer, clicking a document in the outliner will open it in the other editor.

Thanks, both Robert and MM. Good suggestions that I didn’t know were options. Thanks for them!