Filenames of figures changed to multi-digit strings

Can anyone tell me why my meaningful image filenames are being changed to multi-digit strings when I compile to epub?
When I examine my epub book in Sigil, I notice that my figures all have multifigit names, (some 16 digits long).

I care because I am getting near to publishing, and I need to replace the PNGs (generated by Scrivener) with more appropriate formats of GIFs and JPGs, (which I need to do as Scrivener seems to convert them all to PNGs.

I think that it started when I began using placeholders for my images, and putting them all in a single directory.
I use Dropbox for all my files, so I am not sure if that is the problem or
Will placeholders always result in incomprehensible (never to be repeated) filenames?
Every time I compile the numbers are different.

If the problem is the placeholders, then I guess I will have to re-embed the images in the document, a shame as I thought the placeholders were a great idea.

I wish there was an option to not mess with the figures in any way.

I have now discovered that I can Right-Click the linked images in Scrivener and rename each of them back to something sensible (the original file name). However I would still like to know if there is a way of stopping the initial renaming. Any ideas anyone?

I am getting this result as well when compiling to ePub and HTML. This seems to be obviously a bug, as there would otherwise be no point to the image name field.

Sadly I got excited too soon. The Right-Click Rename only works for the last image renamed! All the others revert to gobbledygook filenames again!

I even moved all my images out of Dropbox thinking that might be the problem but it still persists.

So until fixed I will revert to embedded (smaller) images.

Many Thanks AmberV for confirming I’m not just messing up locally.

I replaced all my images one by one by highlighting the linked image, then insering the file over the linked file, thinking this would speed the process, but to my horror I still had the gobbledegook filenames! Panic!
Then closed and reopenned Scrivener, compiled and still no good.

Suspected my problem was the overwrite:
When I repeated this by deleting the old linked image (rather than overwriting), it seemed to get me back to the world of sanity where my image filenames are under my control.


With hindsight I would have avoided the problem by simply including the specific step of deleting each image from Scrivener first, before insering the file again. I was just tring to save 40 mouse clicks!

I thought it might be worth mentioning in case someone else gets into the same pickle, and for any programmer trying to fix this bug, it might shed some insight into where the problem is.