Files blank

Hi again,

Apologies for asking another question. I have spent all morning trying to get this to work and have searched here too.

I started from scratch, redownloading the Dropbox app on my iPad. I then carefully followed instructions to put the correct Scriv folder in the Scrivener apps folder on my Dropbox and waited then synced it on iPad. The file appeared with the binder headings there. But every time I clicked on a file it was blank and said 0 words. I got no error messages.

I researched why this might be, deleted the app, redownloaded, took the Scriv folder out of the Dropbox then made absolutely sure that it was working normally on Windows which it was. I then transferred it back into Dropbox making sure I was using the version in the Dropbox folder on laptop, then synced it back to iOS Scrivener app, making sure it was fully done at every step but it was still blank when I opened the project, as before.

Please can someone help.

What did you transfer to the sync folder, on your PC?
Could you show a screen shot of the sync folder with its content?

What version of Windows Scrivener do you have?


Yes, thanks, Lunk. Here’s the screenshot.

Good news. I just created a simplified file for a different project, this time just putting the manuscript files in and using the default novel template instead of my own.
I then deleted and redownloaded Scrivener app on iPad so could start again and this time it worked!