Files gone after PC hack

As the title say my PC was hacked. In order to fully secure my PC my husband had to wipe all of my hard drives, google accouts/cloud and reinstall windows. Full system reset. I told him to secure and security scan my current Scriv project but he only exported the .scrivx and nothing else. The below message is what I’m getting. Is there any way to get my work back?

“Thought.scrivx” is the main structure file for a project, but other required files for this project could not be found: the \Files\Data and \Settings folders are missing.

Surely a larger scale restore from backup is in order, rather than one file at a time, but if the notion is that the vulnerability may have been stored in your user folder somewhere, I can see why you wouldn’t want to do it all at once.

At any rate, to restore a Scrivener project you need to restore the whole folder, not just individual files within it like this. That will be of no use.

If you must only restore one file, the latest associated .zip file backup, from wherever you had Scrivener set to automatically backup your projects when they are closed, would be the most convenient.

Hi @Cicigirl88,

So sorry to hear your PC was hacked. :frowning:

The message is pretty much the story. Thought.scrivx is only one part of your project. Your main project folder would have been called Thought.scriv, and that’s where your actual writing would have been kept, along with the .scrivx file and other settings.

At this point, to try to recover what you can of your writing, you need to search for all or any of the following:

  • Scrivener’s automatic zipped backups, which perhaps you stored on some external media/drive or emailed to yourself. The file names would be something like "Thoughts-bak*.zip.
  • Any full or partial PC backups that you made and stored on external media/drive. Look for folder Thought.scriv or the zipped backups.
  • If your cloud services had versioning, check whether versions of folder Thought.scriv or the zipped backups survived your husband’s wiping efforts.
  • Any drafts of your work that you shared with anyone via an online service like Google Docs or emailed to yourself or others.
  • As a last resort, find any drafts of your work that you printed for yourself or others.

If I can think of anything else, I’ll let you know.