files jumbled -

I tried to divide up longer material into three folders by copying and pasting. Somehow everything got all jumbled up.

Everything is out of order and I must have done something very dire.

would you remind me how I select and see everything together? I’ve spent the last hour trying to reread and reconstruct what was once in order and I keep making it worse. I have no idea what I did.
Unless I returned to type and somehow typed in the wrong file, or the wrong place on the file…


Do you mean “Edit Scrivenings”? There should be a button for that on the toolbar. Select the items in the Binder (the panel on the left) and then click the “Edit Scrivenings” button – it will show all of the text in the Editor in one long “page”.


yes, thank you!

While Edit Scrivenings will help in seeing what order everything has turned out to be in, be very careful when moving bits and pieces around in that mode if you’re aiming to reconstruct a certain ordeer – although the background of each scrivening alternates to a slightly different shade, it’s quite possible (because of the seemingly continuous nature of this editing mode) for text to end up outside the organisational structure you’re aiming for.

Can you say a wee bit more? I’m so likely to get lost in the magick and lose the alchemical container as it has been sequenced, thus far.


All I’m saying is that Edit Scrivenings mode lines up all the containers in a row and makes the containers themselves almost totally transparent. But they still exist in that order. If you happen to cut the contents of one entire container and paste it somewhere else, the emtpy container stays in place. And will reappear when you exit Edit Scrivenings mode.