Files Went Missing, Then Came Back, Then...

When I opened my file today, two of my chapters were missing. I was freaking out. I had one of them backed up (I send the first draft to my primary beta reader chapter by chapter) so I was okay, but the other one was gone.

When I went to copy and paste into a new text window on Scrivener, the chapter popped up (Chapter 21). But when I tried to do the same for 22, the icon filled with grey scribbles but none of the text popped up. Any idea where it could be? And yes, it autosaved and I manually saved before closing it down last night. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Are the missing words in your zipped backup from last night?

I looked where it is set to back up, and there are no backups there. I can’t find ANY of my backup files where Scrivener says they are.

I found the backups, seems my settings are a little weird with how things save. But no, Chapter 22 is not there. But I wrote 1200 words yesterday, but at least it’s better than losing 7k words. :cry: :cry: :cry: