Filtering search result documents

I maintain separate folders for each draft, and it’s frustrating when I use project search and get hits in previous drafts. Can there be an option to limit to the current compile group, in the same way the word count feature works?

Already exists.

Click the dropdown arrow at the left corner of the Project Search box to see the search options. You can search only the Draft folder, only included (or excluded) files, and a variety of other options. See Section 11.1.2 in the Mac Scrivener manual for a full discussion of the search options.


Ah, thanks. I see what I expect now. I think the problem is that all of my documents were technically marked as “Included in compile”, but when I compile, I select my current draft folder only so I don’t even see them. I feel like it would be simpler if it included only things that would be in the current compile, instead of all documents with the include flag set, but I can manage it this way by just turning off the old documents

The search option to only “Search Within Binder Selection” could be another tool for what you’re trying to do, if you have multiple works in the same Draft folder. The selection, for the purposes of how this option works, includes everything below that level as well. So you only need select the one master folder you wish to search within, before doing so.

Setting old files to be excluded is probably useful for other reasons as well, though, so if that suits you better, it sounds like a good approach to me.

Those options are also non-exclusive. That is, you can “Search Binder Selection” and “Only included.”