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There appears to be some very odd bug with the use of an ampersand and a file that has been exported from another program to go into Final Draft 8.

FD8 reports an error message when attempting to open the file “This file is not compatible with this version of Final Draft.” … p?f=2&t=51 speaks about the problem with Black Mana’s Screenplay for iPhone.

I have a screenplay that I could only get into FD8 via fcf not fdx. The fdx file exported from Scrivener wouldn’t open in FD. I exported it as an fcf file, worked on it in FD and saved it as an fdx from within FD. The document no longer opens. The document has ampersands in it.

I’m guessing it’s a FD problem but a workaround for Scivener might be to make sure you don’t use an ampersand in your document if it’s heading to FD at some stage.

I just opened an FDX file with ampersands in it absolutely fine in Final Draft.

Are you sure it’s not another character? Some characters that can be generated by the text system or imported into files are not valid XML, and this could throw Final Draft’s XML reader. I’ve recently been working on this as I’ve been converting a lot of Scrivener’s file format to XML: … oa_05.html

So 2.0’s FDX exporter will strip any invalid XML.

Could you please send me the file that won’t open in Final Draft? Send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com, and if possible zip up and send the .scriv project too. I’ll delete them once I’ve tested them, but I’d like to see this error for myself, as it may not be Final Draft’s fault at all.

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The problem appears to have been an invisible character introduced from a copy and paste from another source.

You’d think FD would strip those characters before saving as fdx.

Many thanks Keith.

I don’t think it’s Final Draft’s fault, really - it’s up to the program saving the FDX to strip invalid XML characters, and in this case it was down to Scrivener. 2.0 will strip all such characters, though. Glad I could help get the export working again though.
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The program that saved the offending file was Final Draft. I could have cut and pasted an illegal character into FD and had the same result without ever exporting from Scrivener, couldn’t I?

I’m not sure - I just pasted that dodgy text into FD, saved, and FD opened it again fine, so it looks to me that FD is stripping illegal XML characters as it should, but it’s possible there are some that it misses. The main thing is that they are going to be stripped from Scrivener, though, of course. :slight_smile:
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Scivener good.

Final Draft bad.